Bax the cat playing music with Artie and his Hound Dog Band

New Illustrations: A Cat and His Musical Journey

As both a cat and music lover, I couldn't resist bringing the two together in my latest series of illustrations. This set shows Bax, a feline music enthusiast, on a journey to pursue his greatest passion, becoming a musician. Of course, nothing ever goes exactly as planned, which Bax quickly finds out.

It's always so much fun working up various designs for the many characters that appear in stories. This one was no exception. My own cats quickly became unknowing models as I poured through the many sources of inspiration for the characters' designs. And yes, my cats were well paid for their modeling services in kitty treats and tuna.

If you have a hankering to see even more cats (and I know you do!), check out the illustration I did for the Cats in Hats exhibition now up in the D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Bax the cat realizes his collar can be his musical instrument
Bax the cat rejected by the Rockin' Alley Cats band
Bax the cat becomes a member of Artie's Hound Dog Band
Artie the hound dog talks with Bax the cat

Preliminary Character Sketches

Character sketches of Bax the cat
Character sketches of cats and dogs
Character sketches of Artie the hound dog